A Thought on Perspective to Ponder on.

While I was eating supper last night, my girlfriend was watching a show called, The Voice. As I sat down to eat my dinner, I noticed that It was at the part of the show were they begin to vote individuals off of each team.

We were listening to these "music guru's" critique and pick apart these new and upcoming talented people. As we were watching I realized something...

I too, was listening to these artists with a critiquing thought on their skill and talent.

But yet, all of these artists were good. Quite good, actually.

So why did I find myself critiquing them? These individuals had taken a chance to step into their vulnerability and showcase a skill they had been working on for years. A feat that the majority of us would never attempt due to the very fear of judgement in their vulnerability.

I needed to let this thought stew in my head for a bit...

What if we were to witness this exact same artist do the exact same performance at a concert? Let's say, they were hypothetically opening for a favorite band? Would you be listening to this artist with the same critiquing thoughts?

Probably not!

Some individuals might, of course. But for the most part, no.

We would watch, listen, and enjoy the show! Cheering them on and enjoying the experience.

Whats the difference here?


**dun, dun, duuuuhhhnnnn**


When watching a show like "The Voice," we have the predisposed perspective mindset to watch and critique. Very similar to the judges.

When going to a concert, we have the predisposed perspective mindset to watch for enjoyment because concerts are badass, and a ton of fun.

THIS is how mindset works in literally every aspect of life. Be mindful. Live in the moment and always ask yourself, Is there any shift of perspective I can take here? What is the opportunity?


Now lets shift the focus here.

(See what I did there.) 😜

As I mentioned above, these Artists reached deep within themselves to find the courage needed to step into their vulnerability. To go on stage for the potential millions of viewers to see them in the spot light.

"Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently."

What does this mean to you?

Ever notice that the more you step outside of your comfort zone, the easier it gets? Getting good at anything takes time and practice, but YOU have to be the one to make that decision. So many of us tend to have this "concern" around what others think about us.

The funny thing is, the worry we have around most things is literally only in our own mind.

Most people won't notice if our clothes aren't fitting how we'd like them to, about the car we drive, or the type of house we live in. Any negative criticism received for taking a step out of our comfort zone to positively influence ourselves in regards to starting a business, self work, taking that course/schooling, or starting that new job, is a insecurity THEY have in themselves being reflected outwards onto others.

When people steal our shine, it's a flaw in their character. Not ours.

We tend to feel like EVERYONE else has their shit together and figured out.

Well... I have a secret for you.

NO ONE has everything figured out. The ones who SEEM like they do, look at their life through a different perspective.

When problems arise, address it with-

"How do I improvise, adapt, and overcome this obstacle?"


The kind of person who people ask,

"How do you have it all figured out?"

The first step is having the courage to START.

Once you start, the confidence comes through failing forward and overcoming obstacles.

Courage to start = Productivity = motivation = more productivity = Success

Once you find passion in your gifts, life's purpose will reveal itself sooner than later. Focus on you, and only you. The road ahead may be a bumpy one, but the destination is worth the journey.

- Coach Wolverine

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