Allow me to introduce myself

Hi! My name is Dillon. Or some of you know me as, Coach Wolverine. Former suicidal powerlifter working in nightclubs turned Charismatic Confidence Coach. I am the creator of The Wolverine Lifestyle where I Pilot you on the journey to find YOUR "why" and leave the victim mentality behind .


My passion is to help people change their lives in the most simple and realistic way possible. I believe everyone deserves the right to be confident in who they are, and live to OWN the life they truly want to live.


The act of coaching is something I have been doing over the course of my entire life. In the early years, it began by simply showing empathy to those who needed it. 


Over the last decade it became more apparent to me on what it actually meant to be an ‘Empath’ and how this gift has been able to impact those around me.




I have had my fair share of traumatic experiences from narcissistic relationships, getting diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and being bullied for my weight to the point I contemplated suicide . I know what it is like to allow the fear of vulnerability be so crippling it robs us of our own freedom. I believed this façade was my reality for so long.

I am here to show you through my experiences that you that our reality is whatever WE choose to perceive it to be. If we look for and focus on the negative, that is what we are going to see. So, why not strive to look for the opportunities while holding onto trust and faith?  Everything in life happens for a reason.

My goal is to lead people to find confidence in their vulnerability by helping them step out of their comfort zone and be true to themselves so they can embrace who they authentically are. Not what we think we should be due to a rooted belief in the current status quo. Whether it’s finding the confidence to talk to a crush, finding yourself after an abusive relationship, or strengthening the relationship you're currently in. I am extremely passionate about helping people build confidence, overcome self doubt, and conquer fears using proven techniques and personal experience to empower you to take back and own your life by leaving the victim mentality behind.

- Coach Wolverine

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What is a  Confidence

A Confidence coach is someone who has gone through the steps to find the Confidence in their Vulnerability. Passing along the tools needed for anyone who feels stuck and tied down by their lack of self-esteem, limiting beliefs or fear.


As a confidence coach, I empower others by creating a safe space, and challenging the Perspective they hold on their doubts and perceptions currently holding them back. 

- Coach Wolverine