Why the Amaryllis Flower?

"The amaryllis is a flower that means pride and it also means pastoral poetry.
And because its flower blossoms for a long time, it symbolizes achieving success over a long and difficult struggle. Also, it’s a flower of determination, radiant beauty as well as pride."

“The reason we named the album Amaryllis is because it’s all about destiny,” explains Smith. “It’s all about perseverance and about rising above and blooming in front of the world and being an individual and being a visionary and showing the world your true colours. That’s what it represents because it’s a flower that grows in the desert in a time of the year when there’s really not a good explanation as to how it grows and how it looks so strong.”

-Brent Smith (Shinedown)

Music has always been a huge influence in my life.  It was my number one crutch when going through the hard times.

The album Amaryllis by Shinedown in particular, was one of my biggest life savers. At the time this album was released, I was going through one of my lowest mental points. It felt almost as if this album was released just for me.  Specifically, the tracks Unity and Amaryllis. 

They spoke to me. Touching a part of my soul I never knew I had. Changing the direction my life was about to take.


I knew I that one day I had to pay my respects on how much this album influenced my life.  When I found my calling as a Life Coach, I instantly knew this was the perfect place. To encapsulate all the values this album rekindled in me, I did just that.

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-Coach Wolverine