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Our Power is in the Ability to "Choose"

Life is pretty damn strange. One minute, everything is sunshine, rainbows and unicorn farts. 🦄 Then the next... questioning the being of our very existence.🤯 Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we wait until we almost hit rock bottom to make change? Why do we hold onto fraying threads while others who love us are trying to give us a ladder? The fear of accepting something that did not go the way we initially wanted it to go. Accepting that whatever we wanted wasn't "right" for us. It's scary to admit this to ourselves. It's a scary thought acknowledging the fact that we have control over nothing in our life outside of our ability to chose how we respond. However, there is power in this. Knowing that we have the ability to CHOOSE a different life for ourselves is where peace and freedom lay. Knowing that we can CHOOSE to do something differently to create a different reality for ourselves. Knowing that we can CHOOSE to rewrite our story staring us as the HERO, instead of the Villian, BEFORE it feels like our life is falling apart.

And hey, if you already feel like your life is in shambles, I get it. However, I promise you that this isn't "it" for you. Your story is not over. You just have to start the next chapter. I understand that this is a hard step. Because we have to face what's been holding us back and realize our coping habits that kept us feeling "safe" in the past, are one of the reasons we lead ourselves down here in the first place. Those habits no longer serve us. However, they're familiar to us, right? It all about breaking that cycle. A of the cycles. Doing something drastically different for a different life. What do you want for yourself? For real?

- Coach Wolverine

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