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How to break the Victim Mindset and find your Authentic Self.

First off, there's two questions we have to follow up ourselves with -

1) Does this thought serve me?

When we're in a situation and we begin to feel that 'yuk' in our gut and we want to blame somebody else for how we feel, or a circumstance that happened, or anything along the lines of - "I'm this way because 'this' happened." We ask ourselves, "does this thought serve me?"

No. No, it doesn't. We know that it doesn't, because if the thought served us, we wouldn't have to ask ourselves this question in the first place.

The second question we ask ourselves is -

2) Is this belief rooted in love? Or is this belief rooted in fear?

Now, much like the first question, if we're asking ourselves this question, it's probably fear. Because if it was rooted in love we wouldn't feel any yuck in our guts going on. We, we tend to ignore the feelings that we get going on in our gut. We need to start trusting that. Trusting our intuition and trusting who we are. Now we know this thought is out of fear. What are we afraid of? That's when we start getting down to the core root beliefs.

Maybe you're dealing with a feeling of inadequacy. Or maybe, you deal with a feeling of abandonment? Maybe you deal with scarcity? Those are the three big ones that I, myself, have had to work through all of my life. Maybe they resonate with you. If so, hey, great, you're in the right place. If not, maybe you'll get to learn a little deeper on them.

Here is the secret. The secret is very easy. It's almost so easy that nobody likes to do it because it's tedious.

***We break the cycle of our thought patterns and inject it with the thought that we want.***

That's it. That is literally it. Yet so many of us out there, including myself make this this so much harder than it needs to be. I'll be the first to admit this. It really is this simple, but it's tedious. We have to do it over and over again until one day we forget that we had to didn't have to mentally interject one of those thoughts that day. Then we realize the new thought habit actually stuck in our mind without any effort.

I like to look at our brain as a big telephone operator board with all of these cords and cables from 100 years ago. We would call the operator and they would manually unplug our line and plug it into a new auxiliary.

This is how the brain works, too. Through the process of neuroplasticity, we rewire our brain to what we want to be thinking about. The issue is, we have a lifetime of beliefs and what we perceive to be as 'supporting factors,' of these beliefs, to solidify whatever narrative we're telling ourselves.

It's retraining our mind to tell ourselves a different story. To change the identity that we're holding onto. When we have a thought that doesn't serve us, It's based out of fear. We know this to be true when we are pointing blame outside of ourselves.

What thought do I want to put in there? Just like breaking a habit of cracking knuckles or trying to quit smoking, we interject the new habit over and over and over again until we no longer have to do it consciously because the new practice became a new habit, and it's as simple as that.

Simple doesn't always mean easy, but I promise you, if you stick to this practice - break the thought cycle, break that pattern, put in the thought pattern that you want, one day you will feel that inner freedom and you will feel authentically you.

- Coach Wolverine

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