Code of Conduct

This is a COMMUNITY space for everyone to connect and support each other. Everyone here is at a different stage in life. But the one BIG thing you all have in common is the fact you made a choice to take back and own your life.


1. Always keep a positive mindset.

This doesn't mean you need to sugarcoat your struggles, it means that when you're struggling, you ask for support, and understand that you will get help in moving forward.

2. Encourage each other's work and progress.

We're not here in competition, we're here as a community to succeed together. Each one in here has a unique offer and audience.

3. Offer help and advice when appropriate.

If someone asks a question, and you have something of value to offer, don't be afraid to speak up.

4. Share best practices (Tips and posts that are performing well)

If something worked well for you, share it in here.

5. Share your wins!

We're a community that supports each other, so let's support each other when we're sharing wins!

6. If there is bullying of any kind, memberships will be subject to termination with NO REFUND. 


1. 12h before, you should get an email with the questionnaire to fill in, if you'd like to get support on the call.

2. The recurring LIVE GROUP SUPPORT CALLS meeting links are posted in the pinned announcement (same link each week).

3. If there's a change in timing on my end, I will try to give you as much advance notice as possible. In the rare instances that a short-notice cancellation occurs, I will offer a make-up call later on in the week.

4. If you have questions or want support on the call, but can't be on the Live call, submit the questionnaire anyway, and I'll answer on the call.

5. If no forms are submitted prior to the call, and there is no-one on the call within 10 minutes of the call starting, the call will be cancelled.

So, if you intend on being on the call, make sure that you submit your call questionnaire on time.