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Psychedelic Mindset Work

A unique service to help you discover your hidden potential.

Specializing in psychedelic therapy; microdosing & trip sitting to break the cycle of your current limiting belief thought habits, The Wolverine Lifestyle will guide you on a journey towards personal growth, self discovery and transformation.


Microdosing is a revolutionary way to break the cycle of unhealthy thought habits. By taking small doses of psilocybin mushrooms, we can gradually retrain our brain to think differently and improve our overall mental health. With microdosing, we can begin to break the cycle of negative thinking and open ourselves up to positive change.

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Trip Sitting

Psychedelic Trip Sitting is a service designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for self exploration through psychedelics. Our experienced trip sitters offer a non-judgmental presence, creating a comfortable and secure atmosphere for profound inner journeys. We believe that psychedelic experiences, when approached with respect, can be powerful tools for personal growth and healing.

Curious? Book a call to talk about future plans.

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